At CPR we have cultivated a group of skilled and credentialed adjusters who understand the best practices needed to conduct accurate and thorough claims administration resolutions for your business. Our BPO unit is designed to handle all claims responsibilities that are normally an internal system or service of your organization. We provide claims intake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a personalized phone, fax and e-mail for your customers. Our TPA claims administration process is built as a seamless integration of your organization with your customer as our first priority. We will only assign the most qualified adjusters for your specific business needs to ensure that your customers receive the highest quality service and response.

Our BPO service can provide clients with the framework they need for more thorough support of their claims administration needs which includes claims intake, claims processing, claims monitoring, cost containment, payment processing and customized reporting. The efficiencies and expertise of our TPA team provides lower claims handling expense and indemnity costs while improving overall customer satisfaction. Having CPR as your BPO Partner enables our clients to focus on their business while offering a level of attention and cost containment to each claim that they may not otherwise have afforded.

All BPO Services are managed through our Irving, TX office.

For more information about our BPO Services call (855) 215-6439 or email